Naturist Art
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What's naturist art ?

Naturist Art is the art field on which naturism is placed in all their expressions. The artists get their inspiration from the naturist lifestyle. Read about Naturist Art as new art genre. Welcome to the online Naturist Art Gallery exhibiting of Naturist Art paintings and Naturist Art drawings. Art with passion

In the past 30 years, social nudity, has become ever more acceptable. Naturists have a growing number of facilities which cater for nude recreation are. And although nudist bathing is commonly acknowledged as part of the seaside, there are plenty of other inland venues where you can enjoy naturism. Together with you we visit Naturist Camping Areas in France - Cevennes, Provence and Corsica - Britain and US. So you can feel the Naturist Lifestyle by yourself.

it's all about the naturist lifestyle

Your background, age, shape and color are irrelevant when it comes to enjoying the freedom of naturism. Naturists practice social nudity, aimed at encouraging self respect, respect for others and the environment. We tell you how we became naturists and we will visit with you naturist camping areas in France, Britain and US. With a lot of naturism photos, so you are able to feel the naturist lifestyle.

how did we get into naturism?

Three years ago, during our cycle tour from The Netherlands to Sylt (Germany) we finally had the opportunity to go to Naturist Camping Areas. In the past we visited sometimes a sauna and visiting a naturist area seems normal to us. Naturism to us is the feeling of freedom, there are no 'body police' - nobody bothers how you look. It certainly is not about the body beautiful. Pretensions seem to fall away with the clothes - most naturists are very genuine people. Family Naturism becomes normal. It is very nice to come out of the tent and to feel the sun all over your body!

the criteria of success with women

The secret of success of men with women is self-awareness and self-confidence. Only few know the difference between these two, though. If said in other words, this means: "Know yourself and trust yourself." If someone fulfills these two, he will certainly be good at seducing women, because he signals that he has no fear of approaching her, that he is truly himself and authentic, and that he stands 100% behind himself, without doubting himself once. If one looks at seduction as a great whole, though, then three more difficulties appear, which can detract from the success of men at the seduction of a woman, even if a man is thoroughly self-aware and trusts himself.

The fact that a man knows himself and trusts himself does not contain, that he also understand the woman, and knows how she works from the inside and how he will have success with her, though. Many men transfer their logic to the woman, apply things of which they are convinced and eventually fail to seduce a woman. The reason for this is the lacking understanding of the mechanisms which determine in the background whether two people are attracted to each other or not.

Although self-awareness and self-confidence are the basis, they don't preserve oneself to behave "wrongly" at the seduction of a woman. So, a self-confident person may use pick-up lines and techniques and wonder why the woman grades him as unattractive and gives him a brush-off. The reason is, because these techniques are not genuine and imply that a man is not self-confident since he needs to apply the product of mind of third parties. Moreover, no human being likes to feel that the other person applies a technique on him. In this article you'll learn in detail why techniques and pick-up lines are determined for failure at the seduction of a woman:


Long eyelashes are undoubtedly sexy. Not only men find it so, but we girls also delight us at the sight of beautiful and long eyelashes. The problem: The eyelashes just do not want as we want. Mascara and make-up ensure that the delicate hairs are broken and dull. And until they are re-grown it will last for an eternity. If you do not want to wait for long, there are two possibilities.
  • Visit the Eyelid Doctor
  • Wimpernseren


Possibility 1: The visit to the eyelash doctor A little research on the Internet, or simply ask the best friend. Then still call and make an appointment and already a visit in the eyelash studio is nothing more in the way. The results after almost 45 minutes of sticking extensions are without a doubt very good. However, these usually last only a few weeks and the whole does not cost just a little. So with about 60-90 € per visit at the Eyeliddoktor one must expect. In the long run, this will be a good investment and will cost you a lot of time. Still, I've seen this option for a long time as the only option to get long eyelashes. Fortunately, there are other ways. > Possibility 2: Wimpernseren The rescue for all women who want to have stunning eyelashes, is from my point of view an eyelash serum. For a long time I refused to test it. The promise of the advertising industry seemed to be too good. But when I once again spent a small fortune at the eyelash surgery, I went to the search for independent information about Wimpernseren. And this one, I found it! At first I could not believe what I see and read. But the numerous pictures and experience reports, finally convinced me. I dared the investment and almost a year ago gave me such a miracle. With the results I am very satisfied and also from my friends and some work colleagues I have received praiseful compliments for my eyelashes. I can therefore only recommend it myself once to dare, and to buy such a medication. It helped me a lot and I think the eyelash is an excellent opportunity for all the women out there who finally want to have natural and beautiful eyelashes.

How to approach women naturally

The fourth reason why men don't have success with women is, because many aren't able to keep a woman. Although they can be the perfect seducer, they aren't able to make the woman start a relationship with them. This difficulty is aimed at, that a man must be able to show a woman that he is the "right" one for her. To accomplish success in the seduction of a woman and into a long-term relationship, one must manage to fight these four problems specifically. This means a man who has success with women in a natural way, meets the following criteria:

  • Self-awareness and Self-confidence
  • Understanding of Women and the Psychology of Attraction
  • Knows about the right dealing with women or can market himself well
  • Ability to show a woman that you are the "right" person for her

The success with women doesn't require anything more than getting these four problems solved. I also like to call this "Learn to seduce with your personality."